Lead Paint Removal (Northeast Only)

If you think that your home or office may contain lead you should first have a certified lead inspector come to the site and test the building. Once the inspector has determined that the building does contain lead or lead-painted surfaces, regulated practices must be followed for the paint to be removed by a licensed contractor.

Environmental Restorations, Inc. employs licensed and certified lead paint supervisors and abatement specialists who follow strict safety guidelines when removing lead paint. As a general contractor which specializes in Environmental projects, E.R.I. offers a turnkey solution to your lead paint problems. Most of our workers are also carpenters, so we can assure our customers that the removal and replacement of lead paint components will be performed by skilled tradesmen. E.R.I. also employs quality painters for the application of encapsulants or repainting of components, which were previously scrapped to simply bare wood. Our carpenters are also skilled siding replacement applicators should your building require the coverage of lead-painted siding. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Deleading Removal is ONLY available in the Northeast Territory States:

Maine | Connecticut | New York | Massachusetts | Rhode Island | New Hampshire





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