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At E.R.I. our philosophy is to provide a professional approach to quality service at a competitive price, engineered around health, safety and quality workmanship. We are a fully insured, licensed, and bondable contractor covering New England and Florida,

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Asbestos & Lead Abatement Services
Abatement | RRP | Historical

While it typically goes without saying, exposure to asbestos or lead is something that is undeniably unhealthy and will result in a host of issues for both the owner and tenants of a property. This is why our remediation and abatement specialists put so much emphasis on diligence when tasked with servicing a property. Our seasoned professionals are skilled at a wide variety of environmentally based services and holds all the necessary licenses & Insurance for Asbestos Removal, Lead Abatement & RRP.

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General Construction
Roofing | Windows & Siding | Interior Renovations

Environmental Restorations, Inc prides itself on offering customers a full turnkey experience. Starting with the demo, environmental remediation or the mitigation of fire and water, Environmental Restoration, Inc is fully licensed and insured to offer general construction services like Windows, Roofing, Siding, and Interior Renovations or Remodels!

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Fire Damage | Storm Damage | Historical Damage

Returning your property to its former glory after some sort of casualty, such as a severe storm or fire, is something that takes skill, experience and an inherent familiarity with local guidelines and construction practices. Environmental Restorations, Inc is equipped to tackle the project from start to finish beginning with the emergency mitigation and ending with your structure fully restored!

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Restoring The Past
To Build Our Future

In order to best serve you, the client, we've taken the time to list out many of the common reasons our remedial and property restoration expertise is sought out for.

Please keep in mind that through the years, our coverage and capacities have improved and are constantly evolving to this day - this largely entails a level of accommodation and flexibility that few competitors can match!

If you have additional inquiries or are unsure if our experience can be of assistance, we encourage you to speak with one of our in-house experts as soon as possible.

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